• May set up a wholly owned subsidiary of regenerative medicine
  • Beginning in June the immune cells store technology
  • In June set up a wholly owned subsidiary of medical materials
  • July collaboration with Peking University to set up a "Northern Hao Institute for stem cell and regenerative medicine"  
  • September    professional incubator set up the life and health industry
  • November "human regeneration cartilage tissue engineering technology" by medical device manufacturing management code certification
  • January   appeared in the "Forbes top 200 potential enterprises in China", 57th place
  • July   landed successfully listed on the growth enterprise market of the stock exchange, Shenzhen, China
  • In December, "b-hard-brain (Ridge) membrane patch" for CFDA registration form  
  • In January by the national development and Reform Commission approved the construction of "regenerative bio-high-tech industrialization demonstration project"
  • Set up branch offices in Hong Kong in February "
  • In July, the "germ-free bio-band membrane" for CFDA registration form
  • In December, "the team focused on overseas Chinese entrepreneurship" title
  • In June by the national development and Reform Commission awarding the construction of "National Engineering Laboratory for regenerative medical Implantable devices"
  • Official launch in November a new English name Zhishang BiotechCo.,Ltd 
  • In January, "small-caliber prosthetic vascular" national 863 project
  • In December the "thoracic and general surgery repair film" registered with the CFDA
  • May moved to Guangzhou international business incubator
  • In June the first product "biological hard-brain (Ridge) membrane patch" was awarded the CFDA registration form

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