QA/QC Inspector

1, responsible for the technology of water detection; 
2, is responsible for the detection of chemical and physical properties of the product; 
3, test equipment, tools, cleaning and routine maintenance; 
4, laboratory health and tidiness; 
5, refined and improved verification of test items; 
6, the preparation of the monthly quality report.

1, undergraduate education, biology, medical science, testing, chemical engineering or related majors. 
2, more than one year work experience. 
3, to understand the approaches and ISO13485 medical devices management knowledge. 
4, master and familiar with the laboratory testing methods. 
5, computer skills and master the basic knowledge of inventory items and the quality requirements of knowledge.  


Director of sales

1, according to the company's objectives, responsible for immune cells store sales system of strategic analysis, strategic positioning, business architecture, operation mode, competitive strategy, implementation planning and other aspects of management; 
2, guide and control the direction and progress of sales, responsible for the performance of the business module; 
3, responsible for the construction and management of the regional sales team, leading the sales team to develop cells store sales and reach the corresponding indicators, established sales system; 
4, determine the company's customer policy development and market competitiveness of customers partners; 
5, in cooperation with departments such as marketing, product promotion, brand-building, completed the company's overall strategic objectives.

1, clinical medicine or pharmacy related majors, Bachelor. 
2, 8 years experience in national marketing or advanced marketing management, cells store, high-end medical or health management industry experience is preferred; 
3, has a global view, good communication skills, analytical and problem-solving skills; 
4, there is an excellent team building and management skills, successful channel development experience and abundant customer resources priority. 
5, good work ethic, strong sense of professionalism, consistent with the company's values.  


Research and development engineer

1, responsible for aspects of new product development design of biomaterials and medical devices; 
2, responsible for the collection, collation and analysis of information about related products; 
3, responsible for following up samples of new products; 
4, is responsible for assessing suppliers, check the production process; 
5, follow up the new product development process.

1, master's degree or above, 2 years working experience, with project development experience, familiar with bio-research and development and clinical application of patches, leading project team preferred; 
2, familiar with implantable medical device development process, familiar with the relevant regulations and standards requirements; 
3, love the research and development work has a certain resilience; 
4, have the ability to innovate, be able to analyze and solve problems independently; 
5, good communication and interpersonal skills.  

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