Company to science development views and Science Talent views for guide, insisted people, and enterprise and employees common growth of social responsibility guidelines, depending on talent resources for first resources, respect labor, and respect knowledge, and talent, and respect created, caught training, and attract, and using, key link, active implementation "four a innovation" and "five a combined", to capacity construction for core, to high-level talent and innovation type talent training for focus, vigorously carried out full training And improve the overall quality of training and bringing up reasonable structure, quality of management, management personnel, technical personnel and skilled team.


"Four innovations" connotation

innovative thinking. real human resource is the first resource of ideas, strengthen the team construction in locations of particular importance to the implementation of enterprise development. To take effective measures as soon as possible to cultivate and bring up a large number of company development strategy of high quality talent.

innovation model. meet the needs of enterprise development and staff career development needs, exploring and implementing flexible and efficient training, enhance the overall operation and coordinated training resources, improve the quality and efficiency of education and training.

innovation management. under intensive management of human resources, establishment of unified planning, classification of education training management system, achieving the organic combination of centralized management and operational guidance, security training for effective implementation of the mandate.

innovative mechanisms. adapt to establish actual and enterprise development, in line with the growth of talent, training, inspection, use, treatment, development of incentive mechanism of integration, to create a good environment for all types of talent development, promote effective personnel training work and talents of healthy growth.

"Five combinations" connotation

insist on combining training with focus on training. in accordance with the requirements of creating the learning-type enterprises, covering all, classification of staff training, strengthened high-level innovative talents and a critical shortage of personnel training.

stick to combine full-time training with on-the-job training. adopt a flexible approach and give full play to the advantages of different forms of training, achieving the organic combination of different training methods, guarantee the quality of training and effectiveness.

insist on combining unified planning and grading. strengthening corporate education and training work of co-ordination and harmonization of planning, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the various management levels, tiered powder implementation.

insist on centralized management combined with the Professional Division. centralized management of Department of integrated and coordinated role into full play, and implementation of operational guidance in the professional sector responsibility, strengthen management, improve the relevance and effectiveness of training.

persist in combining personnel training and the introduction of talent. at the same time strengthening the training of existing staff, and strengthen the construction of talent introduction mechanisms, improve the quality of talent introduction, continuously enhance the overall strength of the team.

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