Users when problems occur during use of the product, team emergency maintenance can quickly rushed to the scene in the shortest possible time to solve user problems, to reduce the loss of users as much as possible, protect the interests of customers.

By good support defines the main functions of the Department of biotechnology is to provide food safety inspection services consulting and advisory services, and technical support services and project implementation services. For enterprise customers ' specific needs, providing the following services:

  • Customers actually use the technology in the process.
  • Response to customer in the course of actual use of products reasonable suggestions and recommendations, targeted updating and improving the product.
18-month product warranty and on-site service

Our customer projects for 18 months warranty and standard on-site service, solve problems using technology.

7 day × 24-hour service

Different ways for users to declare a service provided to the customer service response center. Such as by phone, fax, mail, E-mail, visit. Customer Service Center by the person on duty, and after work, the user can call directly on the project contact person or customer service response center phone, we ensure that users receive timely responses to questions at any time.

Work 8-hour (8:30-17:30): 0512-86661234; 24-hour phone: 15812345678

Ten minute phone call response

In response to user demand for technical services of our company within 10 minutes, arrange telephone contact with the user, determines on-site service;

24 hour on-site technical service response

My company received the product the quality fault notification or service request, the customer specifies the regional 24-hour technical personnel to the scene to solve quality problems, until the problem is resolved.  

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